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Dinnerella is your stress-free guide to healthy and delicious weekly meals!
Let’s face it. We all intend to eat healthy, but coming up with nutritious, great-tasting dinners every night is just hard, especially when you're juggling work, school, children, friends and life.

That's where Dinnerella comes in.

We do the thinking and planning for you. Each week we email you a new plan for delicious dinners from our Dinnerella chefs. The meals are nutritious, built around fresh ingredients and very easy to prepare.

One trip to the supermarket is all it takes.
Best of all, each weekly meal plan comes with a complete grocery list. No more aimless supermarket trips. No more last minute fast-food runs. No more guessing what's for dinner. Just imagine the time, energy
and money you'll save. It couldn't be easier. Or less expensive. Whether you're single, feeding a family of seven, or anywhere in between, Dinnerella helps you prepare healthy and delicious meals that will wow just about anyone at your dinner table. For less than $5 a month!