Cookie Thing Baking Tool

Have you ever looked at the pictures of beautifully decorated rollout cookies on the covers of magazines and cookbooks, and wanted to make them? . . .

Your heart sings with hope and then the flour gets everywhere, dough sticks to the board and rolling pin and the cookies are uneven after baking. The cookies look nothing like the cutout images with unrecognizable shapes and the story ends with disappointment.

So many of us have this fascination with those wonderfully, buttery, beautifully decorated rollout cookies! My past work in a ministry with helping the underserved community to learn how to bake cookies for profit, brought the need for a tool to make it possible for those that had little baking experience. I searched the world of the internet looking for a tool and came up more than empty.

"In my mind, I knew what I wanted, so I designed the Cookie Thing and asked my husband to make some sets for the kitchen group. We tested variations of sizes and wood over and over again. Once we got it like I wanted, it was like the floodgates opening! It worked!"

We could not only make rollout cookies to perfection in size, the tool enhanced the flavor tremendously because of not using too much flour! Even better, the end results were higher productivity with fun and gratification. It was incredible observing how the process of preparing dough for baking thousands of cookies was transformed with such ease to perfection.

What is the Cookie Thing?  It is a baking tool made with solid maple that helps you roll out all sorts of dough to the exact thickness you are needing. The wooden roller is specific in design of size as well as the four variations of the measuring boards included. The measuring boards for the 1/8th inch thickness is perfect for pie crust as well as thin, crispy cookies. The 1/4" size is the most commonly used for rollout cookies, but because some bakers like them thicker, the set includes the 3/8". The 1/2" rounds out the set to be very useful for thicker items, such as biscuits where you can stack the measuring boards to increase the depth to the size you are wanting. The process of using the Cookie Thing helps any baker of any experience prepare dough easier, with less mess and without too much flour. The product being available today for purchase is the result of my friends urging me to market this tool.

I’ve always loved shopping at Williams-Sonoma and use many of their great tools and was thrilled to be considered for their first ever Artisans' Market at Highland Village, Houston, TX to introduce this product. This opportunity to get this tool in the hands of bakers (and want-to-be bakers) was exciting for me.

The Cookie Thing cookies