Faulty Apple Design MacBook LCD Screen Cracks Easily Because Of bad Hinge design and no re-inforcement

My wife’s new 2015 MacBook 12 inch screen cracked this morning because of bad design on apples newest Macbook.

The way that it was designed, with it trying to be as thin and lightweight as possible also made it susceptible to having the screen be easily cracked.

My wife opened up her MacBook this morning and found that there was a single pixel line going vertically up the screen. She asked me what was wrong with it and I looked close and thought it was just a dead pixel.

As the day went on it got worse and worse, and it was obvious that the crack was because of the sharp edge on the new MacBooks where the hinge for the screen is.

MacBook VS MacBook Pro

If you compare the MacBook pro to the MacBook it is obvious that in order to make the computer thinner, they compromised on places they shouldn’t have.

Because of this crappy design… and this not being covered under warranty, we have to pay about $500 to get it fixed…
Apple Macbook 12 Inch Screen Repair Cost

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    • Roel, thanks for sending your photo.

      I really think there are a lot of people that have this same problem. The screen’s backing is not very re-inforced and the way the hinges were designed makes it susceptible to this kind of cracking due to pressure points the design allows.

      in your picture you can totally see that the sharp corners and the distance between the lines is the same.

      This really should be covered!

      If we get enough people to complain maybe we can get refunded out money we had to put out to get this problem fixed.

      also to anyone who this does happen to, make sure not to touch it or make it any worse. GO DIRECTLY TO AN APPLE STORE AND TELL THEM IT SHOULD BE COVERED UNDER THEIR POLICY THAT STATES:

      “Hairline cracks with no visible point of impact are covered under warranty”

  • I have the same issue . I have 12inch early 2016 MacBook and suddenly a small line appears from the left side bottom. It wasn’t dropped ever or pressure was applied or anything which could harm the display. The crack seem to increase day by day and the front glass is fine.
    While working on my MacBook crack appeared .
    I have no idea what kind of manufacturing defect is that and apple is not gonna replace my MacBook for free. It’s just 3 months old macbook

  • Hello i have the same issue with my 12inch macbook 2016 model. The crack appeared itself and was like a dead pixel line. Talked to 5-6 apple senior advisor but they refused to cover it under warranty. I think we should do something so that apple will consoder it as a design flaw or watever .
    I hope you will contact me
    Btw there are no signs of impact on my mac
    I will send you picture of my mac
    contact me on – aniket.aggarwal003@yahoo.in