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Decorative Landscaping Timelapse Day 1

Decorative Landscaping sets up for the Annual Spring Home and Garden Expo.

Timelapse taken by James Vreeken, mastermindesigns for Decorative Landscaping

Time-Lapse Shot with a Canon 7D

  • Shutter Speed .5″Aperture F8
  • Period: 9 Hours / Day
  • 1 photo / 21 seconds

Imported Photos into after effects in an image sequence. There were some really harsh movements that I could not seem to get rid of using the stabilize effect. I learned a lot from doing this time-lapse. Each day my camera took, on average, about 1600 photos. I wish that I would have been able to get better angles of the working, like more of an areal view would have been nice. I was thinking about getting a ladder and strapping the tripod like 20 feet up on one of the pillars but I didn’t have enough time. This was a huge rush shoot. I barely had time to do anything. The Expo was really crowded and I didn’t want to bother people. For the most part people were mindful of not running into my tripod and bumping my framing off, but there were a few times where it got totally thrown off. I also wish I would have been able to get a wider, higher quality lens. At Pictureline they had a 14mm Super wide angle L series lens for $30/day. I wanted to get that lens to shoot with but they closed to early and I wasn’t able to go up.

I found that in order to make a good Timlapse you need to:

      Have enough time set apart to complete the sequence
      Have a lot of patience

Make sure your camera is set to FULL manual

      Manual White-balance
      Manual Focus
      Manual Shutter Speed
      Manual Aperture
      Manual EVERYTHING!
      Set your lens to not use the IS (image stabilization) because it uses battery power.
      Make sure the camera is on a tripod and is completely stationary.
      Make sure the lighting is consistent, unless you are going for certain look.
      Have Enough Space on your card
      Have Enough Battery life
    Set your Intervalometer to the right settings for the amount of video you will need.

Something I found saved a lot of battery life was to set the camera on viewfinder mode and turn off the live view mode. Also set the photo preview seconds duration to “none” / “0”.

I have also heard that if you unscrew your lens so that the camera does not try to adjust the aperture every time your camera takes a photo it will help with battery life and image quality as the camera will sometimes not open the aperture to the exact same sometimes.

I also heard, but have yet to try, that if you set the camera to be in live view mode but then plug in the RCA cable to the computer it will save wear and tear on your camera as the shutter is open and ready to take photos and only has to open once to take the photo. Usually in viewfinder mode I think it opens twice. This is something I worry about when shooting time-lapses as the shutter is opening and closing THOUSANDS of times for this project. The average lifespan of a camera’s shutter mechanism is? anyone? I don’t know but it can’t be good to be opening and closing literally thousands of times in a row for hours and hours if not days straight right?

About Decorative Landscaping

Decorative Landscaping has been serving Utah for over 14 years as a full service landscaping company. They take pride in their work, and their reputation of exceeding our customers expectations. Decorative Landscaping has the right equipment, experience, and manpower to handle all of your landscaping needs.

Decorative Landscaping makes beautiful landscapes Fountain by Decorative Landscaping

Decorative Landscaping ‘s mission is to provide our customers with quality and service that exceeds their expectations.

Decorative Landscaping makes beautiful rock walls Rock Wall by Decorative Landscaping

From design to completed project, Decorative Landscaping has the right experience, equipment, and manpower to finish the job quickly, professionally, and with amazing results.

Decorative Landscaping makes landscaping beautiful Decorative Landscaping makes landscaping beautiful

Come see Decorative Landscaping ‘s facility in American Fork for their in-house nursery and select products from their rock and stone quarries. Decorative Landscaping has the style of product your project needs, at a value that cannot be beat.

  • Our yard is the talk of the neighborhood!
    Lehi UT.
  • I would recommend Decorative to anyone. We love our yard!
    S.Swalberg, Highland UT.
  • Quality service from start to finish. Everything turned out better than we imagined!
    M. Erb, Draper UT.
  • Finished the project ahead of schedule and under budget!
    Rim Rock Construction, UT.
  • Decorative Landscaping gets it done! On time-on budget-exceeding expectations.
    B. Fugal, Pleasant Grove UT.

Thursday – Sunday | March 10-13 2011 | South Town Expo Center | Salt Lake City Utah

Be Sure to visit the Decorative Landscaping booth at the expo this weekend!

Decorative Landscaping is located in American Fork Utah

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  • Wow! That was an incredible ride! That’s amazing what they did in just 3 days!
    And the Before and After shots were breath-taking! If was funny too, a couple of the before pics I thought, oh that doesn’t look that bad. But then I’d see the after and it was just so striking and beautiful, I was taken aback. Oh, I see. Now THAT is beautiful! Great job shooting Mastermindesigns!!