What a crazy random happenstance

Ashley Williams

Ran into ashley williams from 6 episodes of HIMYM

We were on our way back to our car by bus when we ran into Ashley Williams, and her fiance.  We wouldn’t have ran into her if we hadn’t missed our stop on the bus back to our car and had to sit on the bus for about 20 minutes.  I was nice to just sit in the warm bus and see all the Christmas lights and scenery.

Just as we were getting close to our stop Emma pulls me close and whispers in my ear. I think that girl that just sat down was Teds girlfriend on how I met your mother!

She asked her, and sure enough… it was!

She seemed really nice but we only talked to her for about a minute before our stop came.

I had my camera but it was really dark and didn’t want to ask to take a picture… but I should have… 🙁  I did turn my camera on and put it in video mode for about 30 seconds though… 🙂

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