Faulty Apple Design MacBook LCD Screen Cracks Easily Because Of bad Hinge design and no re-inforcement

If you compare the MacBook pro to the MacBook it is obvious that in order to make the computer thinner, they compromised on places they shouldn’t have. Read the rest

Chance to win a FREE Longboard from Veloz Downhill Skate Company

Veloz Downhill Skate Company is holding a contest and drawing for Free Longboards! I have been working all day on a promotion where Veloz Downhill … Read the rest

Customize Your Google+ Profile Photo Bar

Customize your Google+ Profile with photos that spill across the top bar. You may have seen things like this done before on Facebook, and it … Read the rest

Daniel Tosh in Las Vegas May 29, 2011

Last night, my wife Emma, my brother, and I had the privilege of seeing comedian Daniel Tosh do stand-up in Las Vegas. It was a … Read the rest

SignCity | Time Lapse Install – Mr. Mac

A short time lapse video of an install of window graphics for Mr. Mac in American Fork Utah. Installed February 15th 2011 Graphics By SignCity … Read the rest

JomSocial 2.2 Beta on Joomla 1.6

VIEW CREATED SITE The install process is quite simple. See the video Above for a video about it and a tutorial on how to install … Read the rest

iMac Chameleon Bootloader Theme

Hello Everyone, I was bored and had to do a project for school and thought this would satisfy the requirements of my assignment. I have … Read the rest

Photo Test

Photo Test

I finally got my lights back from my friend and decided to take some pictures of myself. I don’t really have any good pictures of … Read the rest

WordPress 3 v.s Joomla 1.6

WordPress 3 v.s Joomla 1.6

I recently switched from using Joomla for my personal website to wordpress.  In my content management class at Utah Valley University we are learning the … Read the rest

What a crazy random happenstance

We were on our way back to our car by bus when we ran into Ashley Williams, and her fiance.  We wouldn’t have ran into … Read the rest

Creative Facebook Profile Picture Idea

Creative Facebook Profile Picture Idea

I first saw this done on one of my “cool” friends facebook profiles. HERE IS THE .PSD TEMPLATE FOR MAKING YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE MORE CREATIVE I … Read the rest